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Russian Submitter Forum Index General Webmasters Talk How 2 submitting more than 1 gallery per day?
Author How 2 submitting more than 1 gallery per day?
Unregistered User
Posted: 2001-12-03 05:56   
I have an idea how to submit more than one gallery per day but I'm a novice so I would like to ask you, masters.

1) Many TGPs check my IP number. OK, so I will use dial-up and two (or more) different ISPs, so I will get 2 different IP numbers everytime.

2) My name (or nick), email, url... OK, it's easy, isnt't it?

3) I've noticed some TGPs can recognize my sponsors links (with an account number or user name). OK, so I always will use two different sponsor groups for submission 1 and 2.

4) Some TGPs use cookies. For example TheHun.com. (But I'll never play such a games with this huge traffic maker. I'm not a fool. ) So I will delete all cookies stored in my explorer cache after each submission.

Is it all?? Or did I forget something?? Masters, what do you thing about this?? Could it work or is there some problem?? Is it too risky to do it or are there some guys already doing it??

I don't thing I'll ever use it becouse it's tricky and I usually want to be honest but I would like to know what do you think about it.




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Unregistered User
Posted: 2001-12-03 15:38   
Well you have to find for yourself if it is worth doing. This is not new idea and lots of people do that but lots are caught and banned due that.

Moreover, Are you really sure you can submit so many QUALITY galleries in longer term?

My advice would be to focus on better marketing and making sales from that one gallery per day and it will make you much more money than submitting dozens of crappy galleries daily.


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Joined: Nov 23, 2001
Posts: 31
Posted: 2001-12-04 02:14   
Well it might work for a while and for some TGPs. But I promise you that in the long run you will get caught, and you will get banned.

There are lots of ways to catch cheaters, you better stick with the rules. They are there for a reason you know...

And don't even try to cheat the big guys. You might think that they get so many submissions that they won't notice. But I tell you, they DO notice.

Also it's not so smart posting questions like this to boards a lot of people read. There are people stupid enough to actually try this out because you write it and it would just get harder and harder to get accepted on the TGPs. You are just shooting yourself in the foot here.

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TGP master

Joined: Dec 04, 2001
Posts: 9
From: SK
Posted: 2001-12-04 16:26   
Absolutely agree on that with MrNice.

You can make enough money without cheating - I have seen stats of a guy who made 60 signups from one listing at The Hun. If you will be as good as him, you can then affor to buy paid listings on big TGPs and submit as many galleries as you can

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Joined: Dec 07, 2001
Posts: 3
From: columbus OH
Posted: 2001-12-07 16:44   
That's for sure cheating won't get you anywhere. Even if you can fake IP domains ... after a while your gallery style will get picked up.

Better off doing 1 good gallery a day and let the TGP owners get to know you and get posted every day

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Joined: Dec 25, 2001
Posts: 3
Posted: 2001-12-25 22:35   
Well first off, you should worry about marketing. I know many webmasters who work on getting away with posting more than the rules allow.

Funny, they are all bottom teir earners. Hmm.

There are so many ways to spot the same person it is not even funny. For example, you might be creating what you think is different galleries but to someone on the outside, they spot the similarities.

Also if you are not a complete newb moron, you can make high end cash by doing things properly. Hell, you could even start buying listings.

What it comes down to is if you can not make money posting to all the sites in this world by the rules, you should hang it up and go back to working at 7-11 or walmart.

Just wanted to point out that spoofing ips, using many domains, proxy, etc has been used for over 6 years.

But whatever. Good luck.


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Joined: Sep 29, 2001
Posts: 25
From: Lasalle, MI
Posted: 2001-12-27 04:27   
you guys are all right I tried that sending out 5 gallerys a day and going crazy sending out gallerys,, the truth is you need to make nice clean gallerys and tons of TGP's will let you submit more then 1 and I have a nice little list. You get to know them and they will list you near the top and recognize your gallerys at a glance. better off submitting two a day. go thru your submission list and then make another list of TGP's that allow 2 or more,, then make another grouping and hand submit them.. thats what I have good luck with.. I am going to buy listing from pinkworld next month? already buy from Gregpix for 20.00 a month guaranteed listing every day,, and if he likes you ,, you can send 1 or more I make sales everyday there.It will cost you a fortune to submit tons of gallerys out a day with fresh content,, thats what makes sales.. Good luck everyone


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